Power station, magnetic field modelingPower station, magnetic field modelingMagnetic field modeling for electrical equipment

Magnetic field modeling with software like Narda STS EFC-400 is used to determine the spread of electric and magnetic fields of electrical equipment. EFC-400 calculates electromagnetic fields using a practically unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and antennas. Typically used for power stations with transformers, distribution panels, switchgear, cables, bus bars, railway and overhead power lines.

Typically, simulations are carried out for energy network operators and their planning departments, consulting engineers, railroad companies, regulatory authorities and the environmental departments of local government agencies.



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Magnetic field modeling of a power stationMagnetic field modeling of a power station Cable tray, magnetic field modelingCable tray, magnetic field modeling  Power line, magnetic field modelingPower line, magnetic field modeling Railway, magnetic field modelingRailway, magnetic field modeling  Sub station, magnetic field modelingSub station, magnetic field modeling