Magnetic shielding, magnetically shielded roomsMagnetic shielding, magnetically shielded rooms, 2D/3D modeling, measurementsMagnetic shielding systems, magnetically shielded rooms

The key competence of Systron EMV GmbH is to design, sell and install passive magnetic shielding to form magnetically protected rooms in order to reduce low-frequency magnetic fields. Alternatively, or in addition to the passively shielded rooms, cancellation systems are used. Systron EMV GmbH performs 2D/3D magnetic field modeling of electrical power stations and carries out on site magnetic field measurements.

Systron EMV GmbH offers standardized and custom-made magnetic shielding systems. Magnetic shielding systems are used either to reduce fields at the electromagnetic source, or to protect EMI sensitive tools like electron microscopes or electron lithography machines from stray fields. Systron LabShield®, a magnetic shielding system for magnetically sensitive equipment, was designed to protect sensitive tools from unwanted stray fields. 

Mumetal, mu-metal, an excellent magnetic shielding alloyMumetal, 80% nickel iron, used to magnetically shield an electron microscopy room Shielding materials

Depending on the application, different shielding alloys are selected for efficient passive shielding. Typically, a combination of nickel iron (mu-metal) or silicon iron (electrical steel) with aluminum is used to shield alternating magnetic fields. Heat treated mu-metal is typically applied where DC-fields need to be reduced, such as generated from tramways, magnets or moving metal objects. Alternatively, or in addition, active compensation systems can be installed to further reduce magnetic fields.
Systron's goal is to provide the best possible solutions for the individual applications. Close cooperation between the customer and Systron during the whole process, from planning the shielding through installation of the shielding plates, assures all the customers requirements are met. 
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