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Architects / Engineers

The successful integration of magnetic shields in rooms requires a close cooperation with the architects and engineers. Aspects like thickness of the materials, the techniques of mounting depending on the subconstruction, the corrosivity of the environment, the dimensions of the shielding etc. need to taken into considaration. A good basis for the design of the shielding can often be provided by modelling of the magnetic field simulations. 

Planning of room shielding:


Architects or engineers often receive specifications on magnetic field limits for rooms.

  • Hospital rooms (protection of people and equipment such as EEG/EKG/EMG)
  • Workplaces (protection of people)
  • Research facilities (protection of equipment such as electron microscopes)

Emitting sources of magnetic fields:

  • High-voltage power lines
  • Railway lines
  • Transformer, mains distribution boards, electrical cables
  • Research magnets
  • Cars and trucks, "moving metal objects"

Over the years, Systron EMV GmbH has gained an extensive knowledge how to implement magnetic shieldings and provides a wide range of magnetic shielding solutions.

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