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Static field (DC), slow varying DC field and AC magnetic field measurements for on site assessment. 

Magnetic AC and DC field measurements

EFA-200 with external, tri-axial 100cm2 probe EFA-200 with external, tri-axial 100cm2 probe Magnetic field measurements are carried out with measurement units from either NARDA Safety Solutions or Bartington Instruments.

AC measurements:

The NARDA safety Solutions EFA-200, is a measuring instrument for assessing the safety of human exposure to radiation in magnetic fields and for acceptance testing of electrically operated equipment according to the CE standard IEC/EN 62233 (formerly EN 50366), Generic Standard IEC 62311 as well as ICNIRP 1998 and ICNIRP 2010. However, in addition, typical applications are direct evaluation of field exposure in comparison with major standards and regulations such as EMF Directive 2013/35/EU for workplaces, office places but also living places. 

The EFA-200 has a tri-axial coil integrated, however, an even more sensitive external 100cm2 tri-axial prope can be added to enhance the sensitivity. The EFA-200 operates in  frequenncy range between 5Hz and 32kHz and in measurment range of 4nT (nanotesla) up to 32mT (millitesla).


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