Floor plan of magnetic shielding in public tenderFloor plan of magnetic shielding in public tenderPlanning of magnetic shielding and providing public tenders

The successful integration of magnetic shields requires a close cooperation with the architects and engineers. Aspects like thickness of the materials, the techniques of mounting, depending on the sub-construction, the corrosivity of the environment, the dimensions of the shielding etc. need to be taken into consideration. A good basis for the design of the shielding can often be provided by modeling of the magnetic field with either 2D or 3D modeling software. 

Electrical systems must respect the legal limits according to the local regulation on non-ionising radiation. The first step of planning is usually a modeling to visualize the areal distribution of the magnetic field. Based on these results, field attenuation measures can be developed.

Systron EMV GmbH offers advise throughout the planning phase for new systems as well as in renovations. Systron EMV GmbH also takes over the implementation of the measures. This includes the provision of materials, the fabrication of the shielding components, and the coordination of the work.


Architects or engineers often receive specifications on magnetic field limits for rooms and/or tools.

  • Hospital rooms (protection of people and equipment such as EEG/ECG/EMG)
  • Workplaces (protection of people)
  • Research facilities (protection of equipment such as electron microscopes)

Emitting sources of magnetic fields:

  • High-voltage power lines
  • Railway lines, sub way lines
  • Transformer, mains distribution boards, electrical cables
  • Research magnets
  • Cars and trucks, "moving metal objects"

Over the years, Systron EMV GmbH has gained an extensive knowledge how to implement magnetic shielding and provides a wide range of magnetic shielding solutions and is happy to support with planning and designing of magnetic shielding applications.

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