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Magnetic shielding systems

Systron EMV GmbH, Switzerland was founded in 1993 by Robert Hauri and Rudolf Käppeli, two former IT specialists, who were often confronted with the negativ impact of low frequency magnetic fields on the IT environment. Consequently, they founded Systron EMV GmbH to offer professional shielding solutions; at that time to their IT customers. Today, the company is run by second generation Stephan Kaeppeli and Marco Suter, two electrical engineers holding also a degree in economics. Both engineers have a substantial experience in magnetic shielding and thus will provide the most suitable magnetic shielding solution to the customers.  

In 1998, Systron EMV GmbH, Germany, was founded and is today still run by Reto Breitenmoser,  a true expert in designing complex room shielding. The two companies now offer shielding solutions, not only in Switzerland and Germany, but also in other European and even over seas countries.

Systron EMV GmbH is specialized in planning, production, distribution and installation of magnetic shielding and cancellation systems. With the shielding systems, not only fields from electrical systems are reduced to protect people, but high tech equipment, such as electron microscopes, are protected from those fields, too. Further more, Systron EMV GmbH offers software modeling in 2D/3D and magnetic field measurements

Many products and shielding systems were developed by Systron itself, some in cooperation with partners. The collaboration with the electrical utility company of Zurich, EWZ, for instance, resulted in the Systron PowerShield® shielding system, a now patented magnetic shielding system suitable to shield rooms, large areas or components to protect from electromagnetic fields. Other cooperation brought up shielding systems for cable trays, conduit blocks and bus bars.


LabShield®, magnetically shielded rooms for ebeam applicationsSystron LabShield®, magnetically shielded rooms for ebeam applications

Systron LabShield®LabShield®, magnetic room shield in Noise Free Lab's at IBM Research, SwitzerlandLabShield® in Noise Free Lab, IBM Research, Switzerland

Systron LabShield®, a high attenuation shielding system to protect entire rooms, was developed in 2010, when IBM Research, Switzerland, built it's new Binnig and Rohrer Nanotech center in Ruschlikon, Switzerland. In the Nanotech center, six so called "Noise Free Lab's" laboratories had to be protected from electromagnetic stray fields emanated from surrounding magnetic sources such as the railway in below tunnel, passing cars and inhouse generated, electrical power related sources. However, since that project, development of the room shielding hasn't stopped and with today's LabShield® shielding system, a full range of magnetic room shielding based on mu-metal, nickel iron, are offered to protect electron microscopes, TEM, SEM, lithography or custom developed tools. However, for certain applications, silicon iron or pure iron and aluminum is used, too.


Finite element magnetic shield modelingFinite element, FEM, modeling of a magnetically shielded roomFinite Element Modeling, FEM

The activities of Systron EMV GmbH include the production, distribution and installation of systems for the reduction of low frequency magnetic fields as caused by transformer stations, electrical cables, railway lines, power lines, but also by electronic devices or NMR magnets. The product range includes not only the passive mu-metal shielding systems but also active cancellation systems. Additionally, Finite Element Method software, FEM and other software modeling is carried out to visualize magnetic field lines of electrical equipment such as transformer stations, electrical systems, railway lines, high voltage cables or magnets.