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Magnetically shielded rooms

Systron LabShield® - Magnetic shielding system

With today’s electron microscopes, researchers are analyzing structures on the atomic scale. However, deflections of the electron beam during an experiment may deteriorate the complete result.
With Systron LabShield®, entire rooms are protected against magnetic fields. Systron LabShield® provides a flexible concept which can be readily adopted to the local situation and to the technical requirements, like doors and wall breakthroughs or mechanical damping. Often, active field cancellation systems are added, supporting the room shield.
Systron LabShield® is based on mu-metal in it's highest quality. However, for some applications, silicon-iron or even pure iron is used, too, often combined with aluminum. Systron LabShield® is suitable for clean room applications such as found in semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Systron LabShield® - DC/AC magnetic shielding for electron microscope, TEM room

Mu-metal shielded room for ebeam applicationsMu-metal shielded room for ebeam applicationsAt the Technical University Dresden, two microscopy rooms have been magnetically shielded with the Systron LabShield® shielding system. The magnetic shielding was necessary, since the nearby tramway created massive DC shifts. In addition, locally generated AC fields from the inhouse electrical system had to be shielded, too.
For best attenuation, mu-metal, also called permalloy, in it's highest quality was applied to the floor, the walls and the ceiling, leaving only some openings for media feed troughs and foundation. Since maximum performance was required, the door was fully shielded, too and unused feed through openings were covered with mu-metal plates.
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Systron LabShield® - DC/AC magnetic shielding for lithography / mask writer room

Mu-metal magnetically shielded clean room Mu-metal magnetically shielded clean roomSeveral photo mask production rooms had to be magnetically shielded with mu-metal to protect the lithography mask writers from EMI. The rooms meet cleanroom specifications according to ISO Class 3, which specifies e.g. no more than 35 particles larger than 0.5 µm (0.5 micro-meters) per m2.

While building mu-metal, permalloy, shielded rooms is challanging anyway, designing and building mu-metal shielded room inside a clean room environment is a task itself. To meet clean room class 3 specifications, material must not only be clean, but must be of clean room compatible material, too.

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Systron PowerShield® - AC magnetic shielding for electrical room

Magnetically shielded low voltage distribution roomMagnetically shielded low voltage distribution roomIn the largest train station in Switzerland, the Zurich main station, a transformer station had to be moved because of the construction of new railway tracks. Directly above and below of the new location of the transformer station, there are so called "places of sensitive use", mainly shops.

Since shops are defined as "places with sensitive use", measures to reduce low frequency magnetic fields had to be taken in the areas above and below the electrical rooms, in order to meet the "Legal limits of the  Swiss regulation of non-ionising radiation, NISV". Consequently, the entire transformer station had to be magnetically shielded.


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