Low frequency magnetic shielding for ebeam applications such as electron microscopes, lithography. For transformers, cable trays, busbars, NMR. Based on mu-metal, silicon-iron or pure iron.

Systron PowerShield®, shielding for electrical equipment to reduce magnetic fields of transformers, low voltage distribution, switch gear and cables.

Magnetic shieldings for ebeam applications such as electron microscopes, lithography, mask inspection etc.

Systron PowerShield® for building and room protection. Magnetic shielding system to protect buildings or rooms against magnetic fields of railways and high-voltage power lines, transformer stations.

Magnetic shielding for devices. Custom made housings & special shields, single pieces or batches. Based on mu-metal or silicon iron alloys.

Systron PowerShield® stray field shielding. Magnetic shielding based on high saturation material such as silicon- or pure iron to reduce stray fields of NMR magnets, typically to maintain the 5 gauss line.

Systron PowerShield® magnetic shielding system for photovoltaics systems to reduce fields of photovoltaics components such as the inverters.

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