Magnetic shielding chamberMagnetic shielding chamberMagnetically shielded chamber

With magnetically shielded chambers, electron beam applications such as Electron microscopes, Electron beam lithography, Electron beam mask inspection are safely protected from electromagnetic stray fields. 
Additionally, magnetically shielded chambers are also used to keep magnetic fields away from sensitive medical applications such as Electroencephalography, EEG, Electrocardiography, ECG and Electromyography, EMG.
The shielding chamber is based either on a free standing frame, but can be integrated as a wall/floor/ceiling mounted system, too. Based on the application and existing stray fields, mu metal or silicon iron panels are chosen. With the chamber, slow varying DC and AC fields such as generated from magnets, cars, elevators, cable trays, bus bars, transformers, overhead lines, railways or tramways.
Note: While mu metal efficiently shields from slow varying DC fields, it must be noted, that silicon iron will in no way reduce slow varying or near DC fields.

LabShield®. Magnetic shielding systemLabShield®. Magnetic shielding systemLabShield® - Modular magnetic shielding chamber

The shielding chambers are based on the proven Systron LabShield® shielding system. With Systron LabShield®, individual shielding concepts are realized. The modular shielding system supports individual tool foundations and can be adapted in size according to the tools and available space. For further enhancing the performance, Systron LabShield® systems are compatible with a number of different active compensation systems.
Shielding chamber for electron beam lithographyShielding chamber for electron beam lithography Mumetal shielded chamber, ready to bring in the tool foundation.Mumetal shielded chamber, ready to bring in the tool foundation. EMI shielding chamberEMI shielding chamber for electron beam lithography Mumetal shielded roomMumetal shielded room