Mu-metal, magnetically shielded roomMu-metal, magnetic shielding for ebeam applicationsMagnetically shielded room for ebeam applications

Modern research deals with tiny structures, often even with dimensions on the atomic scale. The research instruments are particularly sensitive to any disturbances like climate changes, acoustic, vibrations, mechanical shocks and likewise magnetic fields. Therefore, magnetically protected laboratories in which such disturbances are reduced to a minimum are needed. Magnetic fields can be reduced by either passive shielding, active cancellation, or the combination of both.
With Systron LabShield®, a mu-metal based magnetic shielding system is available to shield entire rooms against static DC, slow varying DC and electromagnetic AC and DC stray fields. Those fields are emanated from magnets, moving metal objects such as cars or elevators and electrical components such as transformers, cables, distribution panels or over head high-tension power lines.
Systron individually designs the magnetically shielded rooms, based on the proven shielding system Systron LabShield®Systron LabShield® is a magnetic shielding system designed to attenuate static DC, slow varying DC shifts and AC stray fields. Magnetically shielded rooms for ebeam applications are a safe and reliable method to protect sensitive tools, such as electron microscopes, ebeam writers or focused ion beam from unwanted electromagnetic fields.
With the Systron LabShield® series, the various room and foundation constructions are met, regardless whether the shielding needs to go under or on top of the foundations, or a room in room design is required.

LabShield®, magnetic shielding solutionsLabShield® magnetic shielding solutions

LabShield® - Modular magnetic shielding system

The LabShield® series offers a full series of standardized configurations, however, they are adapted to the individual needs.
Series Berlin Series Zurich Series Dresden Series Vienna Series Paris
Mu-metal room shielding, series BerlinSeries Berlin. Magnetic partial room shielding. For rooms with damped foundation.  Mu-metal room shielding, series ZurichSeries Zurich. Magnetic full room shielding. For rooms with damped foundation.  Mu-metal room shielding, series DresdenSeries Dresden. Magnetic full room shielding. Shielding below fixed foundation.   Mu-metal room shielding, series ViennaSeries Vienna. Magnetic room in room room shielding. Shielding below fixed or damped foundation. Mu-metal room shielding, series ParisSeries Paris. Magnetic full room shielding plus cancellation. 
Shielding materials:
With Systron LabShield®, excellent attenuation is achieved in the slow varying DC (DC-shifts) and low AC frequency range. The excellent attenuation for the DC and low AC frequency is achieved with the use of heat treated Nickel Iron, widely called "Mu-Metal", "Mumetal" or "Permalloy". With this Nickel iron, shielding factors can be reached that never can be reached with silicon iron, known as electrical steel, transformer steel or similar alloys. Special care must be taken when silicon iron with it's 95% iron is used for laboratory shielding applications, as silicon iron can rust easily.
Typical annoying stray field frequencies found in electron beam rooms:
 Description Frequency Source
 Static field DC, 0 Hz Earth magnetic field
 Slow varying DC field, near DC 0.01 Hz - 10 Hz Tram ways, moving metal objects (cars, elevators)
 Train 16.7 Hz Railway systems
 Mains 50 Hz / 60 Hz Electrical installations, cables, bus bars, transformers, distribution panels 
 Mains 50 Hz / 60 Hz Over head power lines
 Ripple control 100 Hz - 1600 Hz Electrical cables
With Systron LabShield®, in it's standard single layer design, attenuation up to 26dB can be achieved. However, with a multi layer design much higher attenuation can be reached. The multilayer design usually includes not only magnetically conductive but often electrical conductive layers, too. 
Check pictures of TEM rooms:
Mumetal shielded TItan TEM roomMumetal shielded TItan TEM room
Magnetically shielded electron microscopy roomMagnetically shielded electron microscopy room TEM room, concept for magnetic shielding chamber TEM room, concept for magnetic shielding chamber
TEM room with large concrete foundationsTEM room with large concrete foundations
EM, electron microscopy, mumetal chamberEM, electron microscopy chamber, befor installation of magnetic shielding.