SMagnetically shielded cable trayMagnetic shielding for cable trayystron CableShield® - Shielding system for cable trays

The Systron Cable Shield® shielding system is based on the proven PowerShield® sandwich shielding panels, a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive metals. Systron CableShield® elements are used to reduce magnetic stray fields of cables in cable trays / cable ducts, carrying high currents and resulting high magnetic stray fields. High magnetic stray fields are often not tolerated in their close vicinity either by legal regulations or by nearby technical instruments such as medical equipment, ebeam tools or magnets.

Systron CableShield® for cable tray comes in a version especially designed for in house cable trays, however, for outdoor conduit block, a corrosion resistance version is available as the conduit blocks are digged in ground and must withstand wet environment.


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