CableShield®, conduit block / pipe block shieldMagnetic shielding. CableShield®, conduit block / pipe blockSystron CableShield® - Conduit / pipe block

The Systron Cable Shield® - Conduit block shielding system was designed to reduce magnetic stray fields of high voltage, underground cables carrying high currents, and resulting high magnetic fields.

The shielding system is based on the proven PowerShield® sandwich panels, a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive metals. With the conduit block shielding elements, legal regulations are met, such as described in the Swiss Ordinance on Protection against Non-Ionising Radiation (ONIR).

The conduit block / pipe block shielding was especially designed for outdoor use. The individual shielding plates are glued together to ensure no water gets between the plates. The shielding elements are thus suitable for outdoor use. Du to the corrosion resistances they withstand harsh environment as found when finally buried in ground and covered with concrete.


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