Magnetic shielding for electrical componentsMagnetic shielding for electrical components, typically 50 Hz / 60 HzSystron PowerShield® - Magnetic shielding for electrical equipment, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Systron PowerShield® was designed to reduce low frequency magnetic fields to protect people and/or equipment from possible negative impact from low frequency, electromagnetic stray fields. Typical sources of those low frequency magnetic fields are electrical equipment such as transformers, low voltage distribution, medium / high voltage switch gear, cables or electrical devices with typical frequencies of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, but rangeing from 10 Hz to about 1000 Hz.

Systron EMV GmbH offers low frequency shielding products ranging from magnetic shields in form of wall shielding, ceiling shielding and floor shieldings to specific shields for components such as transformers, distribution panels, switchgear, cable trays, cable conduit blocks and busbars.

The products include the proven Systron PowerShield® and Systron CableShield® shielding systems suitable for magnetic field reduction in electrical rooms and to lower magnetic fields around cable trays and conduit blocks. Systron PowerShield® is based on a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive alloys either used to shield individual areas, such as a floors, walls, ceilings, however, entire rooms can be shielded for maximum protection. With Systron PowerShield® based products, (legal) limits are met, or, in regard to preventive health care, keep field exposures of people as low as possible.