Magnetic shielding for electrical equipment  
Mu-metal shieldings for devices
  Mu-Metal magnetic shielding for electron microscopes, lithography writers, wafer inspection  
Magnetic shielding for buildings and rooms
Stray field shield for NMR magnets
  Photovoltaics magnetic shielding systems  
Magnetic field modeling and measurements
Information for architects and engineers
Electrical equipment
Buildings, rooms
NMR, magnets    Photovoltaics
Architects / Engineers




Mu-metal shielded rooms for ebeam applications, TEM, SEM, lithography

Ebeam-laboratorySystron LabShield®, the advanced shielding system to protect ebeam applications such as electron microscopes, ebeam writers etc. from electromagnetic interference.

Mu-metal shielded laboratorySystron LabShield®, mu-metal shielded rooms for ebeam applications

Floor plan TEM roomSystron LabShield®, mu-metal shielded rooms for electron microscopes

Shielding enclosures for table top, SEMMu-metal shielding enclosure for table top microscopes, SEM

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