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mu metal shieldingsMagnetic shields for devices. Custom made housings & special shields, single pieces or batches. Based on mu-metel or silicon iron alloys.

Zero gauss chambers

ScreenTurtle, CRT monitor shielding, 25 years agoScreenTurtle, state of the art CRT monitor shielding, 25 years agoMu-metal shieldingsMu-metal shieldings in various dimensions and designOften called zero gauss chambers, Systron’s device shieldings are designed to purpose, even so reaching zero gauss is physically imposssible. The shielding devices have developed from CRT monitor shieldings used over 25 years ago, to sophisticated, tailor-made applications, either to protect the box’ environment from fields of magnetic sources inside or to protect magnetically sensitive devices inside from the fields outside.

Today, magnetic shields for devices and components are tailored to the requirements of the customer. The parts are individually manufactured as single pieces or in series. Depending on the requirements, the parts may be magnetically annealed to ensure maximum shielding capability. Mostly, the shielding material used is mu-metal, however, based on the requirements, silicon-iron, pure iron and/or aluminum is used, too.


Shielding examples:

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