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photovoltaics panelsSystron PowerShield® magnetic shielding system for photovoltaics systems to reduce fields of photovoltaics components such as the inverters.

Photovoltaics, PV systems and inverters

photovoltaics solar panelsSolar panels on roof of a barnIn the past, in numerous homes, and due to large roof areas in many barns, photovoltaics, PV systems were installed. Nowadays, owners are concerned that the photovoltaics system on their roof may not only have advantages, but could possibly cause health risks, because of the electromagnetic fields associated with the system.

PV systems in operation generate both, static and alternating electric and magnetic fields. The strength of the fields depends on the design of the inverter, the performance of the system and also the way, in which the modules, in series or parallel, are interconnected.

Due to the direct current of electricity in the PV cells, the fields are mainly DC fields and therefore less critical for the health. Electrical fields can hardly penetrate into buildings and moreover, can be shielded easily. Magnetic fields on the other hand penetrate building envelopes full force and are very hard to shield. The electric field generated by the PV system can therefore be neglected.


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