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Magnetic field modeling

Magnetic field modeling is conducted to determine the areal distribution of magnetic fields.

Magnetic field modeling with software Narda STS EFC-400 to determine the spread of electric and magnetic fields. EFC-400 calculates electromagnetic fields using a practically unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and antennas.

Magnetic field modeling of electrical equipment:


3D visualization of magnetic fields of a transformer station 3D visualization of magnetic fields of cables in cable tray 3D visualization of magnetic fields of a over head lines 3D visualization of magnetic fields of a railway system
3D illustration of the flux density of
a transformer station
Magnetic field distribution of a cable tray
Magnetic field around an overhead
Magnetic field distribution around a
railway track

Example of transformer station modeling:

What is needed for a modeling?

•  Disposition drawing, plans
- Floor plan of transformer station
•  System components
- Medium-voltage system (disposition, principle scheme)
- Transformers (technical data sheet, dimensional drawing)
- Low voltage distribution (disposition, position of the busbars)
- Cable types

•  Technical data
- Operating voltage, operating currents
- Operating state

• Description of the especially sensitive areas
- Marking and description of the sensitive areas

The transformer station is fully designed in the 3D-CAD software EFC400. Floorplan of electrical room with components and cables

Based on the currents set, the magnetic flux density is calculated and displayed as isolines. Isolines are shown in either XY, XZ or YZ view. 

3D visualization of electrical system

Example of substation modeling:


110kV substation
What is needed for the modeling?
•  Disposition drawing, plans
- Layout and cuts of the system
- Plans in standard formats (DXF, pdf, paper)
•  Used components
- Transformers (technical data sheet, dimensional drawings)
- Number of fields of the system (disposition, position of busbars)
•  Technical data
- Operating voltage, operating currents, operating condition
110kV Substation


The entire system is reproduced in 3D. In this example the compliance with the German 26. BlmSchV. should be checked. The customer also wanted to know at which distance the interference immunity norm EN 61000-4-8 is fulfilled, in case of the construction of aditional substations. The dimensions of this substation is 200 m x 80 m.
Key figures: 11 cells open air system 110 kV:
  • 2 transformers 20 MVA (2 x 10 kVA, parallel)
  • 11 fields medium voltage system, 20 kV duplex busbar
  • 2 auxiliary transformers 400 kVA, 20 kV
  • 2 earth fault neutralizer (Petersen coils)
unterwerk110kv 20MVA transformers Disposition of the substation
110 kV substation 20MVA Transformers Disposition of the substation

Modeling results

Magnetic field modeling of substation Cut through system, magnetidc field shown as isolines
Magnetic field modeling of substation
Cut through system, magnetic fields shown as isolines
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