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Electrical equipment

Magnetic shieldings reduce fields of transformers, low voltage distribution and medium voltage installations.

Systron PowerShield® for electrical equipment - Low frequency magnetic shielding systems.

Systron PowerShield® shieldings are used to protect people or equipment from low-frequency magnetic fields such as those caused by transformers, low voltage distribution, medium voltage equipment, cables or electrical devices.

With Systron PowerShield® systems (legal) limits are met, or, in regard to preventive health care, keep field exposures of people as low as possible. Systron Power Shield® is either used in electrical rooms on walls, ceiling or floor, or to form products such as the Systron CableShield® for cable trays and cable conduit blocks.

The Systron Power Shield® system consists of sandwich panels with a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive metals and is typically used in low-frequency magnetic fields with frequencies of  10 Hz to 1000 Hz, typically 16.7 Hz, 50 Hz and harmonics. The system is available either in standard version containing silicon iron and aluminum or in corrosive resistant version containing nickel iron (mu-metal) and aluminum. The thickness of the material is appr. 2.5mm to 3mm with a weight between 8kg/m2 and 11kg/m2.

 Systron PowerShield® - Magnetically shielded electrical room Systron PowerShield® - Transformer shielding  Systron CableShield® - Magnetic shielding for cable trays   Systron CableShield® - Magnetic shielding for conduit block
Systron PowerShield® - Electrical room
Systron PowerShield® - Transformers
Systron CableShield® - Cable tray
Systron CableShield® - Conduit block
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